Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Scamming Etsy traders

Since my last post, I have heard from a number of people who have made me aware of some the troubling scams that are being pulled on artists. Mark Sheeky , a fantastic artist, commented on my previous post about scammers paying too much and wanting money back. I am not sure how the scheme works, but this story posted on the  found-art blog,  sounds similar and very scary. It reads like a detective story and I encourage anyone who is doing business on the internet to read it.


  1. I agree Carole. We really have to be very careful.

  2. I am in the same situation right now. What set off the alarm bells was when I received another email with a similar story. The guy just emailed me that he sent me the money via paypal already. Checked my pal and i only have my own paypal credits there. I was excited already that the paintings are going to be sold in just 1 week but oh well...too bad it's a bogus.
    Now I'm scouring the internet for more info on this scam.

  3. I am so sorry Ma.Diwata Dyosa Engkantada Milagrosa. I hope you didn't lose your painting!


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