Sunday, November 24, 2013

Making Alcohol Inks

Before I bought the Ranger alcohol inks I am using, I tried to make my own. I found a couple of videos on You Tube, but I didn't have the ingredients on hand and the process of making them seemed to be more trouble and expensive that is was worth. I decided to use some old drawing inks that I bought years ago for a class I took with Maxine Masterfield  As it turned out they are not as saturated or waterproof as the Adirondack Inks from Ranger alcohol-inks. Also they really don't work quite like the Ranger inks with their magical and almost uncontrollable behavior that fascinates me. Possibly the homemade recipes on You Tube are better. However, I don't plan to try them. 
The painting above was created with my homemade alcohol inks. I do like the fact that I can wipe out the colors with a damp sponge and burnish them with my fingers in a vinyl glove. Because the surface is so fragile I doubt if I can spray them with fixative. 
Here are the links that seemed to have the best information:
This link is about making the inks from fabric dye.
Another link is to make the ink from Sharpie markers.

If anyone has any experience successfully painting with homemade alcohol inks I would love to hear about it!

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