Monday, January 06, 2014

Winter classes

Now that the freezing weather has arrived my studio in the basement is not my favorite place to be. This is when I join online classes. I am taking another digital painting class taught by Karen Bonaker at her Digital art Academy. 
What I love about this class is that it is not about duplicating photos, it is more about using them as inspiration as you would if you were working from an actual setup or scene.
Our subject was a photo of a single green pear in a plain background. We were to be as creative as possible with it. Because I am a fan of Matisse, I wanted the heavy line work and bold colors. I did so many things to this painting and used so many different types of brushes that I am not sure I can duplicate or accurately describe how I painted it!


  1. Fabulous! It is looking both like an oil and a water color, it sure sounds like fun learning.
    Wishing you a great year of creativity and health dear Eva!

  2. Thank you Padmaja. Good to see you here. It was fun to do this, but challenging.Real paint is so much easier for me. My old mind doesn't remember all the technical stuff as well any more. :-D

  3. You had great results. Love the colors. Do you sometimes use this technique in your paintings?

  4. Thank you Jean for stopping by and commenting. I have painted some still life paintings like this, but not as colorful. I am mostly an abstract painter and there I often use very bold colors.It is a lot easier for me to take risks on the computer. If I don't like the colors or saturation I can change it without damaging the painting. Wish I could do that with real paint :-)


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