Monday, December 15, 2014

The Holiday Shows

Sudi Lighvani Kick and her painting

My Holiday Shows trek continued Friday night when I visited the Chamblee ArtsAlliance show, (also known as the Chamblee Arts Committee) at the Chamblee Chamber of Commerce. The first painting that caught my eye was wonderful mixed-media piece created by my friend Sudi Lighvani Kick. Sudi creates the kind of work that I love. It is rich and texturally eclectic, very reminiscent of Bonnard and Matisse with a “Kick.” There is torso vase in Sudi’s painting that is a piece created by Sudi’s husband, Mark Kick, whose wonderful sculptures were also in the show. The Kicks are a very talented team.

The Chamblee Chamber of Commerce is in a very old and charming space, but a little tight for an art show. I had a difficult time trying to take photos of the work with all of the people there. Lots of talent in Chamblee and I hope this time they will succeed in having a successful arts alliance. 

My trek ended Sunday at the Atlanta Artists Center. It was so good to see and be with artists I have not seen in years. The AAC is a beautiful gallery and showplace for art. The food they served was delicious. It was a Mediterranean buffet along with assorted sweets contributed by the members. All of this certainly added to the success of the show. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to photograph the artwork as most of the pieces were under glass and the light reflections obscured the images. My apologies to all of the wonderful artist friends whose work I did not feature.

In my last week’s blog, I mistakenly misquoted Clara Blalock about her art and its evolution. Clara contacted me and said it was at the Atlanta College of Art in the 60's when she began her expressionist adventure. She spent several years playing with abstract then returned to her first love. She plans to study with Steven Aimone at the end of January. Her work now is totally from her years of painting and exploring. I am so sorry Clara, even at my age I have not learned how to shut my mouth and listen.

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