Sunday, August 07, 2016


iPad fun collage by Eva 'Open To It'

The old devil ‘Resistance’ that Steven Pressfield wrote about in his book, ‘The War of Art’, has been hiding out in my house the past few weeks--actually almost a month! I was ‘gung ho’ (my expression for motivated and productive) then everything just stopped. I started questioning myself and everything I did so far. Up to that time I was so consumed with what I was doing that I was impossible to live with. My family and friends got the bunt of my behavior. When I totally lost interest in the project and even being in my studio my friend suggested that it was ‘karma’. She may be right as I really needed to step back and reevaluate my behavior and goals. Now I want to start back with my project, being mindful of others this time, but I am feeling full blown ‘resistance’. During my hiatus I spent my time painting on my iPad and surfing Facebook. Fun, but not productive. In desperation I left my iPad in my studio hoping that it will break the ice. It is important that I return to the studio and deal with this ‘resistance’. To quote Steven Pressfield “..when we sit down day after day and keep grinding, something mysterious starts to happen. A process is set in motion by which, inevitably and infallibly, heaven comes to our aid. Unseen forces enlist in our cause; serendipity reinforces our purpose.” (page 108).


  1. Thank you Pamela. I guess the collage effect speaks to you since you make such wonderful collages.. This is a first for me to make a cartoon of myself or anyone for that matter ;-)


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