Monday, August 27, 2018

My Free Rip Pix Tutorial

My first attempt to create a video tutorial using my iPad and Camtasia. What a challenging experience! Being almost 82 in a few weeks probably had a lot to do with it. But it’s free and I just wanted to show you, after many requests, how I use the Rip Pix app.

I said in the video I would post what the final images look like. I also stated I would possibly use other apps to enhance the image I created with RipPix. The two apps I used were Stackables and Snapseed for the frames.

These are the final results.

              This is one of the final RipPix images in the video.  I only added the frame using Snapseed 

    This is another one that I created in the RipPix tutorial, but afterwards, and not in the video, before I closed the RipPix app I added another texture on the bird. As long as you don't close the app you can continue to edit or add things to your image. Then I added the frame with Snapseed.                      

           For variety I added a multicolored filter in Stackables and then the frame in Snapseed.

Below are some other collages I create with this fun app.

                                 I added the figure in Procreate and the frame in iColorama.

This scrapbook style collage was created in RipPix, but I added the little eyelet on the jam image in Procreate.The clippings and flower drawing background was created beforehand in Procreate.

                      This is a RipPix combination of two of my Procreate abstract images

Except for the eyelets, all of this was created in Rip Pix from an distorted image I created in

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