Sunday, July 30, 2017

Catching up with digital collage

Time goes so fast but I am going slower these days. I joined our new senior center to get away from my computer and iPad. I don’t take my iPad with me because I am so afraid I will lose it. It took me such a long time to save up enough money to buy it! But I digress. Where I was going with this is the activities at the senior center have taken over my life. Not only am exhausted from all the exercise have classes, but they played Rummikub. It is a form of Gin Rummy with plastic chips instead of cards. I honestly don’t remember ever playing that game so I spend a lot of time trying to learn to play it to save face when I am at the center. As a result all of this has cut into my creative time! (Boy, my age is showing with all of the backstory rambling!)

An artist whose work I saw on Tumblr just knocked my Rummikub game right off the computer. It’s not like mine, but for some reason his work inspired me to use some of my travel photos again. The artist is Stev’nn Hall 

I used a photo I took in Scotland years ago and one of my CitraSolv textures. Of course I created the collage on my iPad Pro using my favorite apps, Procreate.


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