Sunday, April 29, 2012

Digital Collage

With the exception of doing a real collage for the CitraSolv contest (no, I did not win anything, but I have had my share of awards), I continue to avoid my studio. My old age is catching up with me. I have become addicted to working on my computer from my recliner. Yes, I know this is bad for my back, etc., but I can work at a leisurely pace then change positions, recline back and nap :O) Truth be known I rarely nap until just before dinner to avoid cooking it! The crazy diet I am on does not inspire kitchen artistry. I have lost 15 pounds on this diet and my energy along with it! (This probably is part of the lack of studio time.)

Today’s image is a computer collage that started out on Polyvore. Then I edited it with Photoshop. I wrote about Polyvore in a previous post. 


  1. Lovely collage Eva.. simple yet profound, with little or no color, it still looks vibrant. I have told you several times, I admire you for your grit to create in spite of health issues and I hope to adopt what I learned from you!

  2. Thank you Padmaja. I guess I shouldn't whine about my situation. Somehow I feel the need to justify my lack of "mojo" to produce art or blog. :O)

  3. Another fabulous collage, Eva. I think you are entitled to do whatever the hell you want, and your computer art is an entirely new body of work. Working on a computer does have it's advantages over the studio, tech clean up is a breeze!

    1. Thanks Robin, it nice to know you will always be supportive.


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